Under the pseudonym GONGKAN, Thai artist Kantapon (Gong) Metheekul has produced a body of work spanning the fields of advertising, street, and fine art. He counts everyday life, fashion and interpersonal relationships amongst his strongest influences, and has illustrated for both high street and luxury fashion labels. He is currently based in New York City and Bangkok.


January 11, 2019 – 8 April, 2019

In this simple yet meaningful work, Gongkan went beyond interpreting DIMENSION for its commonly-known physical term, but as a hidden CONCEPTUAL aspect of it.

Gongkan, with a mind of wonderer, ponders long and hard over why universe had given humans a set of conclusions of how life should be:

Why are there only two sexes?

Why we are all human but race disconnects us; religion separates us; politics divide and wealth classifies us?

Why do little kids want to be older whilst grown ups want to be younger?

Why can wealth never fullfill us?

These are issues that bound and destine us to who we must be. Gonkan's will is to unchain us from these norms and framing of social constructs, and to let us focus on the simplicity of life - empowering us to be whom we want to become.

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