Dempsey Village Farmer's Market at SIRI HOUSE

Saturday 18 May

9.00am to 5.00pm

Free Entry to Farmers Market, Workshops from $60 per person are ticketed

Payment Methods: Cash, (For Select Vendors- PayNow and PayLah is accepted)

Hosted by Brunch Bandits, the Dempsey Village Farmers Market @ Siri House invites you to sample and purchase wares from over 15 local farmers, artisanal producers and craftsmen. The Farmers will be retailing their chilli chukka and dried teas with herbs and flowers grown by them in Singapore. Pick up handcrafted loaves made with ancient Japanese and European techniques from bread yard. Savour locally harvested honey from Nutrinest, homegrown greens from Savoure and spice pastes from Batu Lesung Spice CompanyJAM at SIRI HOUSE will serve up indulgent offerings that include ‘King Prawns with butter and crispy cereal’ at their outdoor booth. Venture indoors for daily specials showcasing our local farmers' produce. 


Enjoy 3 ticketed workshops.  Master Soapmaking with Himmel Blue using natural oils and butters. Learn all about common wild flowers and weeds in Singapore at Weird & Wonderful Edibles. Food Forest: Green Circle Eco Farm will share about organic farming and conservation agricultural practices before you try your hand at making creations from produce off their farm.

Workshop Timings:  

Soapmaking with Himmel Blue
10.00 am to 11.30 am, $60 per person
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Weird & Wonderful Edibles
12 noon to 2.00pm, $75 per person
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Food Forest: Green Circle Eco Farm
2.30pm to 5.30pm, $98 per person
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