BAY ONE creates value in the use of common materials in refreshed contexts by repurposing their function in new contemporary concepts and design. A collection of functional desk objects that play with modern geometric forms explored in graphic terrazzo, these pieces are a delight to display and play with. Produced by skilled craftsmen, the collection includes magnets, bookstands, paperclip holders and pen pots. Through relentless experimentation and a high standard of craftsmanship, Bay One creates labours of love one object at a time.


A ceramic brand that celebrates sleek minimalism in modern shapes. Finished in neutral colourways and clean, rustic glazes, these vessels take on organic shapes that play with negative space and doughnut-shaped voids, becoming objects of simple beauty and contemplation.


Easy, breezy resort wear. Comfortable basics like Hawaiian shirts and tunic dresses meet vibrant tropical prints and colourful patterns to create simple, relaxed looks perfect for a casual weekend.


In partnership with Books Actually and Basheer Graphic Books, The Shop has curated a stunning selection of coffee table books and easy reads that take you on a journey to discover delicious places abroad, while helping you master the art of modern living at home.


Good(s) studio was created as a platform to share ideas and inspirations to the world. Inspired by every day materials, the designer is particularly passionate about solid wood craft, utilising the surfaces of Ash and Beech as textured canvases for abstract paintings and marble patterns. The result is a collection of outstanding home accessories, some shaped like gourds, that are altogether unique, functional and durable.


Available for the first time in Singapore, the Fragrance Atelier will introduce HERETIC PARFUM across seven fragrances, as well as the launch of the SIRI HOUSE signature house fragrance in a scented candle.

HERETIC PARFUM ranges from $225 - $295 for 50ml perfumes

SIRI HOUSE Candle retails at $125 (300g)

Visit the Art Space 16 June-August for a Pop-up experience


Inspired by elements of food snacks, Mirror Mirror offers statement pieces that defy conventional interpretations of jewellery, while pushing the boundaries of production techniques to achieve their experimental designs. Discover the Chill & Shakewell collection, specially designed for SIRI HOUSE.


This dynamic duo of ceramic artists from Bangkok creates free-form hand-crafted pottery wares. Their range of vessels are earthy and rustic in organic shapes that include camels and silhouettes inspired by ancient classical forms trimmed in gold. Using traditional techniques, they employ painting, glazes and stone rubble finishes to create pieces that showcase raw texture with a contemporary twist.


A contemporary jewelry collection that is a reflection of nature injected with graphic colour and patterns. Organic in form and inspired by flora, these jewellery pieces are abstracts of botanical beauty and accented by delicate details and embellished colour. Their exploration and play on different materials reflect the lushness and diversity of nature, highlighting contrasts in texture and multi-layered shapes. Each piece is delicately handcrafted, a result of the passion, stories and skill of the designer and artisan.


Pica originated from a love and passion for classic vintage pieces and calligraphy art. Following the successful launch of their dip pens, the makers were inspired to design a collection of handcrafted stationery and writing instruments that re-ignite the values of the past through designs that celebrate both classic simplicity combined with modern minimalism.


SODA weaves punk, rock, and bohemian aesthetics together with an element of craftwork throughout their ready-to-wear collections, presenting designs for the bold and free-spirited. Explore a limited edition capsule of SIRI HOUSE-exclusive loungewear at The Shop at SIRI HOUSE.


Part art, part functional lifestyle wares, SUR’s products bring a sense of wonder into the home. Each sculpture is a one-of-a-kind lamp or vase and exclusive to SIRI HOUSE, meticulously handcrafted to reflect the care we take towards building the perfect sanctuary.


Since 2013, printmakers and art publishing collective The Archivist has collaborated with local and international creatives from diverse fields, developing screen prints that are each carefully pulled by hand.


A homegrown brand, THE GENTLE LABEL offers eco-friendly home cleaning essentials and skincare that are plant-based and biodegradable.  Naturally derived and made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, these products are proudly free from harsh chemicals, making them safe to use around children and pets. Free from SLS, SLES, Synthetic Fragrances, Enzymes, Synthetic Colours, Phosphates, Chlorine and Optical Brighteners, these products are also not tested on animals. The range includes Face Wash, Face Mist, Dish Soap, Laundry Liquid and Multi-Surface Cleaner.


Spontaneous, contemporary, and derived from a blend of cultures, the souvenirs at The Only Market speak to the smart, modern traveller who appreciates the offbeat and eclectic. Look out for a series of SIRI HOUSE-exclusive pieces from The Only Market.


With its focus on traditional techniques and locally sourced materials, THINGG pays tribute to the mastery and finesse of the Thai craft industry, expressed in the form of charming, inventive homeware.


The rich craft heritage of Thailand’s northern Chiang Mai is celebrated in a series of ceramics, basketry and textiles selected exclusively for SIRI HOUSE. Sourced from local artisans, they are a study of elegant craftsmanship and deft technique.